Mangosteen fruit Mangosteen is a tropical fruit commonly found in  Southeast Asia, Southern India, and latin countries like Puerto Rico and Colombia. Mangosteen is an important part of traditional herbal practices in Southeast Asia and is known there as the “Queen of all Fruits.” The fruit, fruit juice, rind, twig, and bark of mangosteen tree are used as medicine.

In Southeast Asia, various parts of the mangosteen plant have a history of use in traditional medicine. It is claimed to have been used to treat skin infections, wounds, dysentery, menstrual disorders, and urinary tract infections. It is also used for stimulating the immune system and improving mental health.

Some people apply mangosteen to the skin for eczema and other skin conditions. In the West though, none such medical claims have been scientifically proven.

The ripe fruit mangosteen fruit is picked only twice per year. Genesis PURE™ Mangosteen contains no added sugar or preservatives, and is not diluted with other fruit juices like some other mangosteen products on the market.*

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